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Maison Martin Margiela introduces an unprecedented wallcovering collection, featuring the emblematic trompe l’oeil, reinterpreted motifs, a mix of textures and optical illusions.

Besides the conception of its collections, Maison Martin Margiela’s universe is clearly recognizable from its showrooms to its boutiques. Through the use of white, cotton fabric, trompe l’oeil, the anachronistic mixing of styles and époques, the Maison carves the framework of an entirely unique, poetic and enigmatic identity. By blending humour with elegance, avant-garde ideals with classic tastes, reinterpreting objects of all forms and sizes and playing with false-pretences, Maison Martin Margiela deconstructs shape and volume and moulds a conceptual aesthetic within a one of a kind realm.

For the release of this first collection, Maison Martin Margiela developed, in cooperation with Omexco, wallcoverings around five themes: « la paésine », « la mosaïque », « le rideau », « le point de croix »,  « l’optique ».
“La paésine” : a Tuscan limestone, also called “landscape grain”. This stone was spotted at a flea market, photographed and enlarged. Digital printing on mica dust. Non-woven backing.
Colours: Natural, black and white.

“La mosaïque” : a traditional, geometric, marble mosaic print, most commonly used in 18th century marketery. The print is enhanced with silver or gold leaf. Screen-printed non-woven wallcovering.
Colours: Turquoise, lapis-lazuli and black - Ochre, bordeaux and brown – Fading whites – Fading greys.

“Le rideau”: the trompe l’oeil of a typical Maison pattern is transformed, using a printing framework designed to achieve a scattered effect, which can be seen from different perspectives.  Screen-printed textile wallcovering. Non-woven backing.
Colours: White – Pearl grey – Blue grey – Red.

“Le point de croix”: a classic cross-stitch canvas with a finely crafted bouquet of flowers. Various interpretations possible. Screen-printed non-woven wallcovering.
Colours: Red and blue with a 3D effect – White and silver – Nude.

“L’optique”: a deformed herringbone motif with an optical illusion. Matt base with a glossy finish. Screen-printed non-woven wallcovering.
Colours: Black and white – White on white (matt and glossy) – Black on black (matt and glossy) – Brown and copper (matt and metal) –  Pearl grey and white gold (matt and metal)


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